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A Gamer’s Paradise – Game Design Schools

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A Gamer’s Paradise – Game Design Schools
By Robyn Tellefsen

“I started playing games when I was five,” says Steven Tanzola, now a 19-year-old sophomore at Champlain College (Burlington, VT). “By the time the Nintendo GameCube was released in late 2001, I had read almost everything I could about the gaming industry.”That’s why.

when Champlain announced its new electronic game and interactive development major this fall, Steven jumped at the opportunity to learn more about the game design industry.

“Champlain offers one of the few bachelor’s degrees in the nation modeled after the team-based game development industry,” says Ann DeMarle, director of the Emergent Media Center degree program at Champlain.

Students at game design schools choose to specialize in either computer game design or art and animation; working in teams of artists, animators, game designers, marketers, producers, and computer programmers, in order to create a game from start to finish.

More than Games at Video Game Schools

The coursework at video game design schools is more than just fun and games — beyond technical courses like computer animation, students also study traditional subjects like history, and spend time sharpening their research, writing, and storytelling skills.

“I’m taking courses like psychology, computer theory, and English, which will help me understand everything that goes into a game, not just how to do the graphics or write the story,” explains Caitlin Goss, 18, a Champlain freshman specializing in video game design.

The well-rounded video game design degree was a draw for Steven as well. “The program is diverse, which will help me get a job because I won’t just know about games; I’ll have all sorts of other important classes under my belt that game developers in the gaming industry are looking for.”

Game Design Schools Could Lead to High Job Scores

Job prospects for grads with game design degrees look good are more plentiful as students are groomed for work not just in computer game design or computer animation fields, but in film, video, Web, and interactive design as well. Thye may also foray into the fields of communication, educational training development, interactive development, and interactive writing.

With all the opportunities at game design schools available to those interested in the video game design industry, Steven is optimistic: “Video games are the future of entertainment, in and outside of the home.”

>> Fun Fact: The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a nearly 69 percent increase in the gaming industry through 2012. It might be a high scoring move to consider video game design schools.

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